RSD High School Facilities

13615 N 35th Drive - Phoenix, Arizona

Who are we?

An experienced and dedicated group of High School Teachers and Administrators motivated to create a supportive and challenging classroom atmosphere that encourages students to participate in their journey to success

How do we help students?

  • Flexible scheduling, Online High School from home to fit your schedule
  • Give students' control of their education with education online
  • Benefit all learning styles
  • Allow Individualized programs of study
  • Open enrollment policy
  • Allow students to enroll and start online classes the same day.
  • Stop the waiting for the beginning of a semester
  • Ensure you are never "behind"

How long have we been around?

  • RSD has been successfully graduating students since 2003.
  • RSD Charter School, 51st Ave & Thunderbird, 2003-2009.
  • 28th Dr. & Sweetwater 2007-2015.
  • 35th Ave & Thunderbird, 2015 - Present
  • and now .... High School ONLINE available since 2010

RSD High School Mission

To prepare all students for success beyond the walls of our school by installing a philosophy of lifelong learning, civic leadership, and respect through parental involvement and community collaboration, allowing for the development of future productive citizens.

What is RSD High School

  • An educationally, resource-rich environment for teaching and learning
  • A nurturing atmosphere that allows the full potential of its students to grow
  • A strong foundation that supports students to be creative and critical thinkers

Benefits of going to RSD High School?

  • May not be able to attend a traditional High School's regular hours
  • Have family responsibilities that may require them to work
  • May be parenting a child
  • Struggle with teacher led instruction
  • Want to accelerate and finish high school early
  • May need to catch up
  • Learn easier at their own pace